-A defensive centered game, all random gear stats, explore the vast universe and find planets full of resources.

-Upgrade your ship and find better gear to eliminate unknown creatures came out of a wormhole

-Exploration: enter a set of coordinates and send your star-seeker to search for gears, crystals, minerals in the universe.

-Every piece of equipment is unique: their stats are all random.

-You don't have to keep playing after you find a planet with minerals; Just send a mining bot there and wait for its output, even while offline.

game story:
A wormhole appeared near the Earth in 2837. 
Aliens keep flooding out from this wormhole and they really mean business judging from the weapons on their ships. 
The Planet Defense Forces will keep them from entering the atmosphere! All space stations are on full alert. 
Aliens are not the only problem; we are also short on resources.
While defending the aliens, we also need to find planets with resources. AX4869-- an AI controlled ship like this one has zero combat capability, thanks to its unshielded hull and weapons designed only suitable for space garbage. 
Then people realized it is the most cost-effective ship for exploration, so it's the main ship for space explorers now. 
And people call it "The Star Seeker".

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I got say after playing Solaroid which reminds me of the classic arcade game called space invasion with RPG elements. The one suggestion for the game is to include damage to the floor whenever the enemy fire upon until game over that create visual stakes. That way you can buy items to repair your ship when damaged, but if you not repair it to which the damage reminds in the level before the enemy destroying the ship completely. I hope these suggestions help your game.   

Thanks for your idea and I will note it down.

No problem and good luck with your game.